Dispute Resolution

Since 1991, Vijverberg has contributed to the prevention and resolution of construction disputes through: independent delay analyses, independent cost (quantum) and economic damage assessments, and expert witness reports. Vijverberg is recognised as an expert in the field of complex construction projects. We are regularly commissioned by law firms, clients and contractors. Vijverberg provides stand-alone experts as well as integrated teams of experts to assess construction disputes.

Vijverberg offers integrated solutions for Dispute Resolution

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Vijverberg provides expert witness services specifically for construction projects in real-estate, infrastructure, and a range of industries. Our experts, with a minimum of 10 years of experience in their field, are seasoned in the assessment of construction delays.

Vijverberg prepares and compiles expert reports with its team of specialists. Our contract specialists, planning experts and cost experts are deployed in typical construction disputes. Our teams of experts cooperate closely to identify events, and undertake delay and quantum assessments.

For cross-border construction disputes and international arbitration, Vijverberg has formed a strategic alliance with FTI Consulting. FTI Consulting is the top firm in the Global Arbitration Review’s Expert Witness Power Index. Together we provide multi-lingual experts with experience in your local jurisdiction.

Together with our clients we create successful project management teams. Vijverberg takes ownership of the project objectives.

Does your project need more than just support in contract management? Vijverberg offers multidisciplinary teams as well as specialists in contracts, planning, procurement, risk and costs.

Reference projects

Ship building

Vijverberg was retained by a law firm, representing a cruise line in Rotterdam, and seated arbitration proceedings administered by UNUM concerning a dispute with regard to delay in the construction of the world’s largest sailing vessel. Vijverberg conducted a delay and quantum assessment, delivered an expert report, and our experts were cross examined by the tribunal.


For the construction of an offshore production facility for a Norwegian energy company, Vijverberg was retained by the contractor to conduct and party-appointed quantum and delay assessment. Vijverberg compiled an expert report and advised the client during summary proceedings under Dutch law.


Vijverberg was retained on behalf of a global energy company for a power plant construction project of EUR 1.5 billion in The Netherlands. Vijverberg, on behalf of the asset owner, conducted a party-appointed delay and quantum assessment of the delays of the main contractor. Vijverberg played a key role in the international negotiations.

Oil and Gas

An international contractor involved in the construction of a 75 kilometre pipeline project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia engaged Vijverberg as party-appointed expert to conduct an independent delay and quantum assessment. Subsequently, Vijverberg supported the contractor in the dispute-resolution proceedings of the state-owned client.

Real estate

Vijverberg was appointed on behalf of an international civil contractor as a party-appointed expert to conduct an independent assessment of the incurred delays and accompanying damages in a dispute with a stock-listed asset manager. The dispute concerned delays, inefficiencies, and additional costs in the construction of a prime commercial real-estate project in The Netherlands.


Vijverberg was engaged as party-appointed expert by a Dutch contractor, who was summoned under Dutch law by their sub-contractor, in a project concerning the renovation of a railway station. Vijverberg conducted a delay and quantum assessment, compiled an expert report, and was called to trial as a witness.

Why Vijverberg?

  • $30 years of experience in drafting expert reports for Dutch and international construction disputes
  • $Multidisciplinary team with delay experts, quantum experts, technical experts and legal experts
  • $Experienced expert witness in negotiations, litigation and (international) arbitration including cross-examinations

Our experts

With a team of delay, quantum, technical experts we offer integrated services for your projects.

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