Dispute Resolution

Fact based analyses for efficient resolution of construction disputes

Dispute Resolution

Fact based analyses for efficient resolution of construction disputes

Dispute Resolution

Since 1991, Vijverberg has contributed to the prevention and resolution of construction disputes through: independent delay analyses (forensic schedule analyses), expert witness reports, drawing up claims, mediation and facilitating negotiations.

Expert reports

Vijverberg is recognised as an expert in the field of complex construction projects. We are regularly approached to investigate budget and/or time overruns in construction projects. Commissioned by law firms, clients or contractors, Vijverberg expert drafts reports that are input in negotiations, arbitration and court cases.

Forensic schedule analyses

Vijverberg uses the internationally recognised Forensic Schedule Analysis (FSA) method to substantiate or disprove construction delays. For each event Vijverberg shows what the individual impact is on the planning. This enables Vijverberg to assign responsibility for each independent delay. Finally, the influence of all events together on the construction time is assessed.

Quantum assessment

Vijverberg is an expert in the valuation of construction projects, in particular the valuation of work in progress, the analysis and quantification of complex claims, additional work, extension, acceleration, disruption, loss of productivity and termination. We analyse the project administration, the cost control systems to confirm or refute damage calculations. By focusing on the root causes of cost overruns or inefficiencies, we isolate the impact of specific events on direct and indirect costs.

Claim position assessments

The claim position assessment is the first step in claim management. Vijverberg always starts with an initial expert analysis to determine the feasibility of the claim. Based on facts and figures, we enable you make a sound decision whether or not to pursue the claim (defense).

Support in litigation & arbitration

Dispute settlement requires specialist expertise. Vijverberg offers experience and professionalism when it comes to settling commercial disputes, while maintaining commercial relationships. We work as an expert in the field of quantum and construction delays in lawsuits and arbitrations.

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