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Vijverberg is specialist in controlling multidisciplinary construction projects

Project Controls

Vijverberg is specialist in controlling multidisciplinary construction projects

Specialists in controlling for complex construction projects

Vijverberg is an independent project management company for complex construction projects. Together with our clients we form successful project management teams. The Vijverberg approach is based on the deployment of permanent teams of specialists and the use of our own methods. This results in an optimal control of your project.

Our vision is that in order for projects to be successful, all the necessary skills must be represented within the project team. This applies to both clients and contractors.

Vijverberg offers the following specialised skills

Professionals working with the right tools

Having the right tools is just as important as having the right people. In our case, this means that we work with tools and templates that form the basis for optimal project management. Our smart dashboards contain several working methods for the various skills that we have developed over the last 25 years. Vijverberg offers complete project management teams with in-house work processes. If required, we can strengthen your team with individual specialists.

Do you need a professional team?

Do you need a professional project management team or individual specialists with many years of experience and specific skills? Vijverberg can provide both solutions for successful construction projects.