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Sustainability is important for a better future for future generations. Think of projects for reuse, second-hand and recycling of materials into new products. New developments follow one another, and new facilities are built to provide for this. Vijverberg deploys its expertise and knowledge for the client and the contractor.

Vijverberg is your partner in sustainability projects.

Recycling plastic into a new raw material

Xycle – a joint venture between NoWIt, Patpert Teknow Systems and Vopak – has spent 14 years developing its depolymerisation technology. This involves heating mixed plastic waste without oxygen. It does not burn but disintegrates and can be used as a ‘secondary raw material of virgin quality’ and serve as a soil plug for the production of plastics. For this purpose, Xycle is building a plant in Europoort.

The role of Vijverberg

Vijverberg supports Xycle with planning, procurement, contracts, costs and Project Management.

Project team

Jan-Willem van Beek

Jan-Willem van Beek

Director Project Management

Erik Mertens BSc

Erik Mertens BSc

Senior Contracts Consultant

Kiki Klee MSc

Kiki Klee MSc

Senior Planning Consultant

Olaf Zwaard MSc

Olaf Zwaard MSc

Senior Cost Consultant

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