Training: Quantitative Risk Analysis

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Training: Quantitative Risk Analysis

Training: Quantative Risk Analysis

Risks and uncertainties may have an enormous impact on the project. Recognising and managing risks and uncertainties in good time is a must to ensure the successful progress of every construction and building project. Learn how to pick up signals, ensuring that you keep control over the consequences with our quantitative risk analysis training.

Monte Carlo analysis

Including risks and uncertainties in the planning results in probabilistic planning. A Monte Carlo analysis is used to provide an insight into the feasibility of milestones, along with the influence and change from the critical path. A sensitivity analysis furthermore sums up activities and their influence on the project as a whole, in terms of both cost and time. Learning objectives of the quantitative risk analysis training:

  • Learn how to make a risk matrix
  • Getting started with a Primavera risk analysis
  • Making probability calculations

Expand your knowledge of quantitative risk analysis with practice-oriented training sessions by the Vijverberg Academy.