Planning Management

Planning Management

Planning Management Trainings

Major projects require professional planning. This training examines the careful process that is required for planning management. In this way, projects run more flexibly, the risks are minimised, and the return is increased.

Comprehensive training

The training examines analysing contractual documents, drawing up integral planning, setting up detailed planning, authorisation and the archiving of documents. It also looks at updating the planning and dealing with reduced and supplementary work. How do you note defects and determine management measures? Our training clearly indicates the order in which steps in the planning management process should be taken and examines the steps to be taken in the software. Learn how to plan major projects with our training. We deal with:

  • Setting up the planning process
  • Granting a TVB
  • Indicating a process using the PIACTOR method
  • Indicating a process using the swimlane method

Expand your knowledge in planning major projects with practice-oriented training by the Vijverberg Academy.

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