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Contract Strategy Training

Contract Strategy training

The contract type used to offer a project to the market has an enormous impact on the risk profile of the client and the project financing. Copying a previously used contract almost always leads to budget overruns and claims. Learn how to set up contract types with the training contract strategy.

Make strategic decisions

The contract strategy training is based on the Vijverberg ‘5-Step Contract Strategy Model’. This is used to systematically run through strategic choices from the key drivers of the project up to and including the capacity of the market. Once the training is complete, participants will be able to understand contract mechanisms and their influences on contractors and the project result. Learning objectives of contract strategy training:

  • Discover the options available to you in a range of contract types
  • Gain an insight into the organisational types, payment methods and general terms and conditions
  • Find out the consequences of choosing a particular contract type on the market response

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