Training: Applying
UAV-GC in practice

Contract Management Trainings

Training: Applying
UAV-GC in practice

Training: Applying UAV-GC in practice

The Uniform Administrative Conditions for integrated contracts (Uniforme Administratieve Voorwaarden or UAV-GC 2005) are being used increasingly in the market for drawing up contracts.

Distribution of risks and more

In this training session, we will begin with the general distribution of risks and basic responsibilities. This includes examining the structure of the UAC-GV, context between the Basic Agreement along with the paragraphs and annexes.

It also deals with the quality assurances as described in the UAV-GC. Special emphasis is placed on delivering the contract obligation and maintenance obligations, but especially on the liability following delivery of the work and the reversed burden of proof.

The change process and the handling of financial consequences that results is also examined, including the basis for reimbursement expenses and deadline extension without modification.

Learning objectives of the UAV-GC training:

  • Insight into the basic principles of the UAV-GC
  • Insight into the procedure relating to licences and deviations in conditions on the ground
  • Insight into the procedure relating to review and acceptance
  • The ability to apply the particular provisions relating to supplemental work and deadline extension

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