Training: Applying

 UAV 2012 in practice

Contract Management Trainings

Training: Applying UAV 2012 in practice

Training: Applying UAV 2012 in practice

Contract types differ in accordance with type of work, industry and customer. UAV 2012 is used widely in utilities and housing.

The UAV 2012 is a set of terms and conditions relating to a framework methodology in which the implementation obligations for the contractor have been set out. During construction, management monitors the work. The price is based on an estimate of the costs in accordance with the specifications, which can be accountable when the quantities increase.

In this training, we examine the structure of the UAV 2012, which is focused on the classic triangle of client, contractor and construction manager. From this starting point, we will look at framework changes, supplemental work and deadline extensions.

Learning objectives of the UAV 2012 training:

  • Understanding of the UAV 2012 structure
  • Knowledge of the division of responsibility
  • Ability to set up reduced and supplementary work
  • Ability to apply for deadline extensions

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