Risk Management
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Risks and unforeseen events may have enormous impact on project results. Managing and anticipating on such changing circumstances is what risk management is about. Being able to react and take controlling measures in time during construction projects prevents budget overruns.


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Monte Carlo Risk Analysis

Contract Risk

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We are your partner during all stages of the construction process. We support clients in assessing the risks before an investment decision. We also support contractors in understanding the risks before a contractor tenders.

Early in the project we clarify the risks together with all project stakeholders and determine which controlling measures are required and which of the parties will be responsible for them. For example, the risk of unforeseen price increases and long delivery times.

At each stage of the project, we review the risk profile to see if risks may have changed.

Together with the project’s stakeholders, we organise workshops that systematically identify risks by topic. They look at technology, requirements and priorities, the approach and cooperation between stakeholders. These risk workshops are a proven method to make risks tangible in order to deploy control measures effectively. The results of the workshops will be included in the risk register.

Together with the project planning, the risk register is used for a Monte Carlo Analysis. This analysis identifies the risks that have the greatest impact on the project result. We use it to determine the feasibility of the project’s delivery date and budget.

We provide an overview of the contractual risks with a contract risk analysis we have developed.

Together with our clients we create successful project management teams. Vijverberg takes ownership of the project objectives.

Does your project need more than just support in risk management? Vijverberg offers multidisciplinary teams as well as specialists in dispute resolution, contracts, procurement, risk and costs.

References Risk Management projects



Project: Connecting a powerstation

Client: SPIE

Assessing risks through risk workshops.



Project: District heating Groningen

Client: Croonwolder&dros

Assessing risks through risk workshops.


Real estate

Project: Expansion hospital

Assessing risks through risk workshops.

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With 35 specialists, we offer an integrated approach to your construction project. Our Risk Management specialists are highly trained professionals with the right experience and immediately deployable on your project.

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