Planning and Coordination

Project planning is the most important tool in project management. Vijverberg is a specialist in setting up project schedules for complex projects and ensures a widely supported and accepted planning. This goes beyond processing the information in a planning tool. Vijverberg also takes care of the organization of the process to achieve this.

The necessary information is collected through interviews and interactive planning sessions. Vijverberg translates and presents this information in such a way that the project team is able to challenge and optimize the approach and production figures. For example, Vijverberg applies roadmaps and 4D planning tools because those are more accessible than Gantt Charts.

Depending on the needs of the project and the processes within your organization, Vijverberg makes a choice from the following tools and methodologies: Stage Gate, Scrum, Lean & Last Planner, 4D (Synchro), Resource- and Cost Loading, Monte Carlo-analysis, Physical Progress Measurement, and Earned Value Management.


We look further ahead and prepare the project team for what is to come. We also apply this in the coordination of the project execution. The process ensures that interfaces between parties are identified and timely accommodated.

Rhythm in project reports

Vijverberg brings rhythm and clarity to a project when it comes to reporting. We focus on cleverly unlocking (already available) status information to one location and minimizing the burden on team members in this process. This provides continuous insight into the status of the project, the deviations and the need for control measures.

A realistic project planning ensures a predictable project result. Vijverberg takes care of the planning, coordination and reporting.