Forensic Schedule Analysis

Planning Management for construction projects

Forensic Schedule Analysis

Forensic Schedule Analysis

Vijverberg works with forensic schedule analysis (FSA). This is unique in the Netherlands. With this internationally recognized delay analysis method Vijverberg identifies and quantifies changes and delays on a project. This enables us to determine the cause and the impact.

Critical Path Analysis

We carry out a thorough analysis of the “as-built” and “as-built” schedules in order to identify individual delays on the critical path of a project. Our technical review of the project administration and associated technical analysis, including personnel, production and productivity analyses, enables our experts to assign responsibility for each independent delay. Vijverberg works according to the internationally recognised Forensic Schedule Analysis (FSA) methodology.

Team of specialists

Forensic schedule analysis serves as a basis for handling construction disputes and in particular to determine the culpability per delay in detail. Vijverberg deploys multidisciplinary teams of contract managers, planning management specialists, and cost management specialists to draw up forensic schedule analysis. These analyses are used in international arbitrations, lawsuits and negotiations.

Use the expertise of Vijverberg in forensic schedule analysis to determine your position in a construction dispute, or as factual basis to substantiate your claims.