Earned Value Management 

Earned value management links the costs to the progress and provides continuous insight into the financial status of the project. This allows you to make adjustments to your project at crucial moments.

Vijverberg links two common reports to each other so you have real insight. In this way the actual costs compared to the planned costs on each project are kept up to date. The same applies to keeping track of the actual progress compared to the planned progress. Linking these two aspects is less common while we believe that with this combination you gain valuable insight in the actual costs

Lower costs or a delayed project?

For example, a project that is at half the planned progress can cost less than planned. If the actual progress is equal to the planned progress, then the project is doing well. If this is not the case and the progress is behind schedule, then it is very logical that the costs are also behind schedule.

Know exactly where you stand with earned value management. The relationship between costs and progress is continuously transparent throughout the project, allowing you to make adjustments at crucial moments.