Cost Management

Vijverberg deploys the best specialists in the field of cost management

Substantiation of claims

We often come to projects with a backlog in the handling of additional work caused by a lack of capacity. This unnecessarily increases the chance of claims. Our consultants help hands-on with the preparation and negotiation of additional works. When extra work has become claims, it becomes more complex. The aspect of time plays a major role in this. Vijverberg has years of experience in drafting, negotiating and arbitrating time-delay claims. This is where our expertise’s Planning Management, Contract Management and Cost Management come together. The experts of Vijverberg advise on the types of costs to be claimed and draw up cost overviews in line with the contract.

Event method for cause-and-effect relationship

Vijverberg uses the “event method” to demonstrate the financial impact of disruptions in the implementation of projects. For each event the cause of the disruption is determined and the financial impact is substantiated

Clear cost overviews

We provide financial reports consisting of cost statements with evidence in an unambiguous chronological order. The financial report serves to strengthen the position in negotiations as much as possible, or serves as an independent report in legal proceedings where necessary. In addition to time-related costs, we assess the completeness of submitted additional work. This is done by comparing the quantities in the budget with actual quantities and analysing deviations that have not been compensated with additional work and making them recoverable.