Project Control in the execution

Control of your projects through more insight.
Excellent control through correct information.

Project Control in the execution

Project Control in the execution

Are you looking for an experienced Project Controller during the execution of your construction project?

Our Project Controllers make sure you are in control of your projects through more insight, better control through correct information and optimal fulfillment of your information needs. During the project, our professionals provide continuous insight into the budget status and report the current forecast.

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Vijverberg’s Project Controllers empower your project team

Financial project reporting

Our project controllers support you in setting up and designing your project administration. We draw up project reports that give you a clear insight into the financial and planning progress of your projects. Based on thorough analyses the forecast is updated and deviations are explained in more detail. In short: better control through better information.


Supplemental work and cost savings process

Our project controllers manage the supplemental work and cost savings process for you. Examples of our services include preparing calculations and supporting offers. We monitor and report on the status of the submitted supplemental work and cost savings. With our approach, you can avoid delays and be sure of a timely submission.

Progress meetings & portfolio reporting

We take care of the work in progress process and ensure the proper preparation of work in progress meetings so that they are effective and provide the desired management information. The mutation in your total work in progress position is thoroughly analyzed and reconciled with your balance sheet and P&L.

Risk Management

How do you incorporate risks and opportunities into your budget and forecast? Our experts take care of your risk reporting and test the effectiveness of the control measures. The link between the reported project result and the risk report gives you more insight. Our approach reduces the financial uncertainty in your projects and portfolio.

Cash flow planning & Actualisation

Our project controllers link planned receipts and expenditures to the project planning and easily show the effect of planning changes on your cash position. Up-to-date insight into receipts and expenditure on your project improves your cash position. With a timely signaling of deviations, you prevent unexpected liquidity needs.

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Vijverberg’s Project Controllers are involved in complex construction projects for a variety of clients.

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With 35 specialists, we offer an integrated approach to your Our Project Controllers are highly trained professionals with the right experience and immediately employable on your project.


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