Drafting Contracts

Contract Management for construction projects

Drafting Contracts

Drafting Contracts

Any contract for a construction project should be tailor-made. After all, no two projects are the same. Once the contract strategy has been determined to attain maximum return and minimise risks, the organisational type, payment method and the general terms and conditions must be amended accordingly. These must precisely fit the project and meet all demands and requirements.

Vijverberg contract specialists

Our contract specialists know how to flawlessly avoid contractual pitfalls. They can tailor the most commonly used contract formats (e.g. UAV-GC, UAV2012, FIDIC) to the requirements of your project. They can also provide your law firm with support to implement project controls procedures in tailor-made contracts. In this case they use specific clauses for payment, planning and reports based on practical experience. Whatever you opt for, having your contracts drafted by our professionals provides a solid foundation for your project.

Preventing claims

When we draft contracts, we do so based on our experience in handling claims. Vijverberg’s approach is focused on preventing claims by consistently monitoring the contractual obligations and the project planning.

Contracts drawn up by specialists

Have your contracts drawn up by Vijverberg specialists. We help you with contracts for multidisciplinary projects or with advice on specific clauses.