Contract Strategy

Contract Management for construction projects

Contract Strategy

Contract Strategy

Many organisations make copies of previously used contracts when they commence a new construction project. But no two projects are the same. Vijverberg recommends taking the time to make the right strategic decisions. A good contract strategy provides the basis for successfully implementing a project.

Select the right contract type

A contract has to be appropriate to the type of work, the skills of the organisation and the capacity in the market. This allows you to select the best contractor for your project. The contract strategy determines the most efficient route for achieving the best possible project result. It determines which type of organisation, payment and terms and conditions are the most appropriate for a particular project.

5-Step Contract Strategy Model

You can decide on the right strategy using the Vijverberg 5-Step Contract Strategy Model. This allows us to provide you with an efficient approach for choosing the right type of contract. The right contract strategy helps you select the right contractors and working methods for your project. This prevents time- and budget overruns while maximising the return on investment.

Contacts us if you require expertise in selecting the best contract strategy and contracts for your project.