Contract Risk Analysis

Contract Management for construction projects

Contract Risk Analysis

Contract Risk Analysis

Vijverberg developed a Contract Risk Analysis specifically for complex construction contracts. With the contract risk analysis as a foundation, you are able to make informed decisions on the risks involved in contract and tender documents. Vijverberg makes independent contract risk analyses for building and construction projects in the tender stage. The results are presented in a short report to be discussed with your tender team.

Traffic light model

We offer a systematic contract risk analysis based on a method developed by Vijverberg. This system is published in the book “Construction Contract Analysis”. It offers a traffic light model, in which the with 200 questions, addressing all commercial topics required for complex construction contracts. The questions cover contractual provisions, including defining the scope, payment terms and conditions, liability and warranties.

Preventing construction disputes

Vijverberg works on the basis of the conviction that any risks must be transparent from the very moment contracts are signed. For this reason, we developed our systematic contract risk analysis.
Business is all about taking risks. Know the risks of your building and construction contracts before you sign. Vijverberg provides independent Contract Risk Analyses.

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