Vijverberg services

Vijverberg is specialist in controlling multidisciplinary construction projects

Project Controls

Vijverberg is specialist in controlling multidisciplinary construction projects

Contract management for maximum return on investment

Through systematic and efficient contract management, from drafting contracts through to project execution, we provide control over construction projects. Vijverberg constantly aims to maximise the operational and financial results while limiting the risks to a minimum. Our contract management specialists provide support in:
  • Formulating the contract strategy
  • Drawing up contracts for clients
  • Composing tender packages for clients
  • Writing bids for contractors
  • Contract Risk Analysis for contractors
  • Contract management during execution

Contract management as a basis for productive cooperation

Contract management allows you to make a deliberate choice for a form of contract that best suits your project. Vijverberg builds a bridge between client and contractor. With thorough knowledge of the application of contracts within construction projects, we ensure a fruitful collaboration from contract signing until project completion. Our contract management specialists boast extensive experience in common contract types, including international contracts, such as:
  • UAV 2012
  • UAV-GC 2005
  • Design, Build, Finance & Maintain (DBFM)
  • Tailor made Design & Construct contracts
  • Tailor made Engineering, Procurement & Construct (EPC) contracts

Professional support

Professional support from drafting contracts all the way to project execution to ensure your project is delivered in control. Vijverberg puts you on the right tracks.