Expert Reports

Independent assessments of delays encountered on your projects.


Objective handling of construction delays and additional costs based on facts

Fact finding and data mining

The challenge for both parties often lies in the huge quantity of project information. Before we put a claim together, Vijverberg provides an insight into the facts. We collate information that is often fragmented across the organisation into clear files, allowing a clear insight into the facts. We collect the data from contracts, notes, formal correspondence and mailboxes.

State-of-the-art datamining

We use our fact finding as a basis to analyse the project information and designate a person responsible for the construction delay. In cases where the stakes are high, Vijverberg can involve the mailboxes of all project employees in the investigation. Over 90% of today’s communication is carried out by email. In order to efficiently deploy this enormous quantity of information in setting up a claim, Vijverberg uses state-of-the-art data mining software to search through all folders and mailboxes.

Ensure your claims are well founded with fact finding by Vijverberg. We have many years of experience in ensuring claims are well founded and work with the best possible software for efficient research.