Expert Reports

Independent assessments of delays encountered on your projects.


Objective handling of construction delays and additional costs based on facts

Drawing up claims

Once sufficient information has been found to form the basis for the project development, Vijverberg puts together thorough, objective and factual files. Within these files, Vijverberg visualises the analysis results so that a clear picture can be drawn up of the causes of the additional costs and construction delay. It also contains a report on which party can be held responsible for each individual cause.

Drawing up claims is teamwork

Drawing up a claim always involves teamwork. Vijverberg uses its contract specialists, planning experts and cost experts. With our clients as a base, the project director and the internal and external legal counsel usually participate.

Suitable for legal proceedings

In many cases, mapping out all the facts and the associated costs in a comprehensive way leads to space for negotiation. The files are focused on negotiation, but if required, they are also immediately suitable for legal proceedings when there is no willingness to negotiate.

Let Vijverberg draw up your claims. We work in teams and take care of negotiation. In the event that there is insufficient space for negotiation, our files are immediately suitable for legal proceedings.