Expert Reports

Independent assessments of delays encountered on your projects.


Objective handling of construction delays and additional costs based on facts

Dispute settlement while maintaining relations

Dispute settlement requires specialist expertise. Vijverberg offers experience and professionalism when it comes to settling commercial disputes. Our support is focused on providing a comprehensive structure to the enormous quantity of information.

Comprehensive facts

An enormous bulk of data is created as soon as a claim is drawn up. Vijverberg structures these data and provides a comprehensive presentation of the facts, including the use of forensic schedule analysis. In this way, Vijverberg ensures that sound decision-making can take place. We can also draw up counter-claims when the situation requires.

Maintaining commercial relations

Dispute settlement pathways are carefully and professionally designed with an eye on internal support. Vijverberg’s approach ensures a quick result without legislation and while maintaining commercial relationships.

Dispute settlement requires the specialist expertise of Vijverberg.