Expert Reports

Independent assessments of delays encountered on your projects.


Objective handling of construction delays and additional costs based on facts

Objective handling of construction delays and additional costs based on facts

Avoid a legal process with our claims management. Vijverberg is unique in the Netherlands when it comes to claims management. Whereas overseas, and in the United Kingdom in particular, claims managers are deployed on a regular basis, this is not at all common in the Netherlands. Vijverberg boasts over 25 years of experience in drawing up and processing claims.

Research into the cause

Maintaining the correct legal position can be worth its weight in gold! We believe that the solution can always be found in an objective file. In claims management, the facts have to be brought to the table. Vijverberg reconstructs exactly what happens in the project and what causes have contributed to the changes in the project.

Solution without legal proceedings

Multidisciplinary projects in particular involve a huge quantity of information. Vijverberg ensures an overview of the root causes and the costs associated. This approach allows our clients to reach solutions at board level without having to resort to legal proceedings.

Vijverberg’s unique method

Vijverberg has developed a unique method for claims management. The steps are always the same and the depth varies in accordance with the scope of the project and the dispute:

  • Feasibility analysis claim
  • Fact finding & datamining
  • Drawing up claims
  • Forensic schedule analysis
  • Expert witness report
  • Dispute settlement

Avoid a legal process with claims management..