Project Management

Expertise in your team for successful execution of construction projects

Project Management

Expertise in your team for successful execution of construction projects

Project Management

Vijverberg is an independent project management consultancy for complex construction projects. Together with our clients, we form successful project management teams. The Vijverberg approach is based on a strong integration of contract management, planning and risk management, and cost management. Combined with the use of our own methods, this results in optimal control of your project.

The integrated project management approach of Vijverberg is aimed at identifying steering moments and making the choices transparent. This enables our clients to actively steer. During the execution phase, we work with a system of permanent progress registration, both in the planning and financial field. Detailed progress registration makes it possible to quickly present scenarios with consequences in time and budget for each deviation.
Our contract managers then guarantee the results of each control, so that the commercial positions of both parties remain clear. This approach prevents disputes during and after the completion of projects.

Vijverberg provides clients with the information they need to make well-considered decisions to make adjustments. And insight into the consequences of not steering.

Variations management

It is very important to manage changes in scope, time, and budget well after the contract has been signed. The specialists at Vijverberg assist clients and contractors where it happens: in the construction site. We help you to draw up contracts up to and including delivery. Contract management is aimed at preventing disputes.

Planning and coordination

Project planning is the most important tool in project management. Vijverberg ensures a widely supported and accepted planning. This goes beyond processing the information in a planning tool, Vijverberg also takes care of the organization of the process to achieve this. We look further ahead and prepare the project team for what is to come. We also apply this in the implementation coordination. The process ensures that interfaces between parties are identified and timely solved.

Cost control

As a client, you want to be constantly informed of the financial status of your project during the execution of projects. In particular, the link between the progress achieved and the costs spent provides interesting steering information. Vijverberg provides specialists in cost control who create structure, provide clear reports, and draw up reliable forecasts.

Risk management

On larger projects, risk management is a continuous process. Risk management specialists from Vijverberg make risk analyses in different phases of the project. After all, the risks in the engineering phase are different from those during execution or commissioning. Vijverberg links the identified risks to the planning with which the consequences in terms of time and costs are made transparent.

Dashboard reporting

Vijverberg strives for a transparent and predictable construction process. We use bi-weekly dashboards on our projects, based on our permanent progress reports. By coordinating the budget and planning, a reliable forecast is created and can be adjusted at an early stage. At the executive level, it provides an overview. At the management level, it provides steering information. For shareholders, it provides predictability of their investment.

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