Expert Witness Reports

Vijverberg conducts the preparation of experts report as teamwork. Vijverberg deploys its contract specialists, planning experts and cost experts in a typical construction dispute. Vijverberg experts closely cooperate on the identification of events, delay assessments, and quantum assessment.

Event identification

Event identification is one of the first steps in the assessments at the basis of an expert report. Our clients often provide us with a list of events caused by the opposing party. To obtain an unbiased opinion on the course of events of a disputed project we make our own correspondence analysis of the entire project file. We extract data from contracts, planning documents, design documents, minutes of meeting, formal correspondence and test and inspection records.

Preferably, Vijverberg includes the mailboxes of the main project staff in its assessments. Nowadays, more than 90% of the communication is by e-mail. Vijverberg uses state-of-the-art data mining to efficiently use these large quantities of information.

Delay assessment

Vijverberg uses the critical path method (CPM) in combination with delay analysis techniques to substantiate or disprove construction delays. For each event Vijverberg shows what the individual impact is on the planning. This enables Vijverberg to assign responsibility for each independent delay. Finally, the influence of all events together on the construction time is assessed.

Our assessments are based on international standards such as the recommended practice on Forensic Schedule Analysis of AACE International, and protocol on delay and disruption of the society of construction law.

Quantum assessment

Vijverberg operates as expert in the valuation of construction projects, in particular the valuation of work in progress, the analysis and quantification of complex claims, additional work, extension, acceleration, disruption, loss of productivity and termination. We analyse the project administration, the cost control systems to confirm or refute damage calculations. By focusing on the root causes of cost overruns or inefficiencies, we isolate the impact of specific events on direct and indirect costs.

We typically apply techniques such as measure mile analysis. Our assessments are based on international standards such as the IFRS and the Guide to Damages in International Arbitration. 

Expert reports clearly identifying all the facts and associated costs may lead to room for negotiation in certain cases. Often expert reports are used in litigation, arbitration, or ADR. Our experts are experienced in testifying, including cross examinations, on the contents of our expert reports.

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