Contracting and Procurement
for construction projects

For clients, we manage the entire process of contracting contractors, including the preparation of contracts, schedule and budget.

Together with our client, we establish a professional tender process to find the best contractor.

What you can expect from our Contracting and Procurement services


Tender procedure to find the best contractor

Stage gate

Budget and
casflow planning

Risk analyses in the tender phase

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Vijverberg offers expertise in choosing the right contract form. A contract must fit the type of work, the competencies of the own organization, and the capacity in the market. 

We support you in setting up a professional tender procedure aimed at finding the best contractor for your project. With the stage-gate planning we provide insight into the deliverables per (investment) phase, the tender procedures, and the planning of the execution. 

Our well-structured budget gives the flexibility to weigh up different scenarios professionally in the run-up to the investment decision.

Vijverberg carries out risk analyses during the tender process and the execution of the project. We offer both qualitative and quantitative risk analyses like Montecarlo.

Together with our clients we create successful project management teams. Vijverberg takes ownership of the project objectives.

Does your project need more than just support in contracting and Procurement? Vijverberg offers multidisciplinary teams as well as specialists in planning, dispute resolution, contracts, procurement, risk and costs.

Reference projects


Contracting replacement tanks

allnex - market leader in industrial coating resins - has marketed a project to replace 14 tanks at its production site in Bergen op Zoom. The project requires specific certification, which makes it a challenging task to find the right contractor.

Together with allnex, Vijverberg determined the contract strategy for this project. Based on the contract strategy, we drafted the commercial contract documents.

We then supported allnex in the pre-selection of contractors and negotiated the contract terms with the preferred contractor.


Expansion Terminals in Antwerp

Vijverberg supported Vesta Terminals in the contracting & procurement process for the expansion of its terminal. We developed up the contracting strategy, drafted FIDIC contracts and supported the negotiations with the contractors. We also made a 4D visualisation of the planning, which was used to evaluate the tender planning documents of the contractors and to create the overall planning.


Engie Netherlands

Vijverberg supported Engie with the contracting & procurement for a biomass installation. The activities included advising on the application of the contract and negotiating on behalf of Engie with the bidding contractors.

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With 35 specialists, we offer an integrated approach to your construction project. Our Contracting and Procurement specialists are highly trained professionals with the right experience and immediately deployable on your project.

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