Contracting & Procurement

Independent selection of the best contractors for your project

Contracting & Procurement

Independent selection of the best contractors for your project

Contracting & Procurement

Vijverberg’s integrated approach is aimed at identifying steering moments and making the choices transparent. This enables our clients to actively steer. By making a good link between the structure of the scope, the planning, and the budget in the initiation phase – via the Work Breakdown Structure – the financial consequences of scope and time overruns can be made transparent efficiently. When drawing up contracts, we safeguard this system as an obligation between the construction partners.

Contract strategy

Vijverberg offers expertise in choosing the right contract form. A contract must fit the type of work, the competencies of the own organization, and the capacity in the market. Determining the right contract form has a major impact on the risk profile of the project. Based on the Vijverberg 5-Step Contract Strategy Model we advise on which organizational form, payment form, and general terms and conditions are most suitable for your project.

Commercial packages

Vijverberg’s consultants support you in setting up a professional tender procedure aimed at finding the best contractor for your project. For the content of the tender packages, we draw on our experience in project management and claim prevention. The tender package forms the basis of controlled project implementation.

Stage gate planning

Vijverberg uses stage-gate planning in the early phase of projects. The stage-gate planning provides insight into the deliverables per (investment) phase, the tender procedures, and the planning of the execution. In the contracting phase, it is essential to have timely insight into the impact of strategic choices. With stage-gate planning, Vijverberg presents the outcome of multiple scenarios to support decision making.

Budget and cash flow planning

A well-structured budget gives the flexibility to weigh up different scenarios professionally in the run-up to the investment decision. Distinguishing between time-related costs, for example, provides quick insight into planning changes. Our consultants take care of the design and structure of the project budget. The budget has an unambiguous link with the scope baseline and planning baseline of the project. In this way, we offer the certainty that in each phase of the project, the costs spent and physical progress can be measured in relation to each other.

Risk analyses

A sound risk analysis is one of the requirements to start with risk management in a responsible and result-oriented way. Vijverberg carries out risk analyses during the tender process and the execution of the project. These are dynamic and progress over time. We offer both qualitative and quantitative risk analyses like Montecarlo.

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