Founded in 1991, Vijverberg was the first company in the Netherlands to specialise in claims management. Since then, we have gained 30 years of experience in claims and project management for complex construction projects, providing an appropriate solution to every challenge.

Integrated solutions

We are able to provide our clients with a broad support base in this hectic, often complex field. Vijverberg focuses on developing and sharing knowledge, meaning that we connect the parties involved to achieve a positive final result. Years of proven, thorough solutions have not only provided us with a solid reputation, but have also created a team with plenty of knowledge on which you can rely on.

Growing in the business

Vijverberg moves forward together with clients. Tools developed by us for specific projects are now being used as best practice in various sectors. Please see below for a small selection of leading construction projects supported by Vijverberg:

  • In the early 1990s, we started off in the petrochemicals industry with the expansion of the BP refinery in Rotterdam.
  • From 2000 onwards we worked on leading projects such as the installation of the Hoge snelheidslijn or high-speed railway line, the construction of a power plant in Antwerp and of a hospital.
  • During the period following 2010, we contributed to a new power plant in Rotterdam, the construction and expansion of various oil terminals in the Netherlands and Belgium and the construction of North/South metro line connection in Amsterdam.

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